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Royal Seal

The journey begins with our exclusive Royal Seal, a mark of distinction that sets Khaabka apart. Each cushion cover is adorned with this embleme, signifying unparalleled elegance


majestic ensemble

Elevate your gift with our Majestic Ensemble. A carefully curated ribbon gracefully embraces the cushion cover. Nestled in its center is the Gateway Card, a preview of the opulence that awaits.


Gateway Card

Unveil the allure with our Gateway Card, positioned at the heart of the Majestic Ensemble. This card serves as the key to the world of Khaabka, were every stitch tells us the story of sophistication. A thoughtfully designed Thank You Card accompanies each cushion cover, expressing our sincere thanks for choosing Khaabka.


Signature Wrap

The final touch of luxury lies in our Signature Wrap. Your meticulously prepared Khaabka cushion cover gift is encased in our exclusive bag, an embodiment of the brand's commitment to refined presentation.

Gift a Khaabka cushion cover and embark on a journey through the Royal Seal, Majestic Ensemble, Gateway Card, Gratitude Embrace and Signature Wrap - a symphony of steps that transform each moment into a regal experience. Indulge in the art of sophisticated gifting with Khaabka.