(a structure for making art)

A portmanteau of the words 'Khwaab' meaning dream and 'Khaaka' , a structure for making art, Khaabka is the weaving of the dream of a quintessential home, ones passionate desire to build it piece by piece, brick by brick with all things meaningful, beautiful, and passionate.

About Khaabka

As a brand we envision to realise the dream of every homemaker with our curated collection of handcrafted cushion covers that tell tales of culture through their remarkable designs, craft the home of your dreams through the narrative tales of exceptional craftsmanship that is as unique and inimitable as your personality.

Born out of a 35-year-old legacy of manufacturing garments, designing and handcrafting fabrics, turning them into magnificent displays of art and craftsmanship that redefine the personality of the wearer, Khaabka has aspired to create a new sensibility, birth a quintessential aura and instil a unique personality into every home

brand story

Holding a deep connection with fabrics, design work and karigari, as a design house our collections and karigari pay a tribute to the unique Indian culture and heritage through the narrative tales of our thread and needle, and initiate a revival of timeless aesthetics, expression and style definition. Since the beginning, we knew what we were doing, redefining homes into beautiful havens of art where refined style and love blossom.